Friday, February 12, 2010

Emily's Room

These pictures are LONG overdue!! I really like how Emily's room turned out and I really, really love the color of the walls and how the browns, pinks and greens all work so well together. I have to say that it took MUCH longer to get Emily's room put together than Brady's, but I guess back then I didn't have any distractions!! LOL.

You can see Emily's scroll that we got in Taiwan. It says, Love, Forever, Family, Yi-Han.

The changing table/dresser used to be in Brady's room and it was brown then, but it's got at least 4 coats(I lost count) of white paint on it now! The tall dresser to the left is a "hand me down" from our niece Ashley. Eventually the changing table/dresser will be replaced with something that's a little more like the tall dresser, but for now it works!!!

The crib was also Brady's but we kicked him out!! LOL. Once Emily graduates to the toddler bed we'll paint it white, but I thought it best to leave it for now in case she chews/teeths on it.

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Shana said...

I love it! It's just perfect!