Friday, February 12, 2010


Despite the weather, today was a good day. Little did we know that this would be one of only 2 days all 4 of us made it to the parks. We had fun riding rides and hanging out with good friends and watching the excitement on the kids faces was priceless!!

Brady and Alan on the Sp@ceship E@rth ride

Mommy and Emily on the Sp@ceship E@rth ride

Alan and Brady again

Peyton and Brady holding hands through the Nem@ line

Brady and Peyton checking out the aquarium at the end of the Nem@ ride

These are the only 2 pictures we have of all 4 of us from this vacation :-(

Petyon and Brady (could they be any cuter?)

Brady checking on Emily in the back of the stroller

In the German this considered double fisting??? LOL


Peyton and Brady dancing away in Germany

Alan (2nd from left) and Billy (far right) were picked (along with the other guy) to help with the cow bell demonstration...they did a good job!!!

Peyton and Brady with their masks they decorated in China


Tina said...

I love both pictures of the four of you!

Shana said...

Love the pic of Alan and Emily and the beerhaus!!