Friday, February 12, 2010

M@gic Kingd@m Part 1

Today started off with a character breakfast to celebrate Brady's birthday. He absolutely, positively LOVED it!!!! I wasn't really sure how he would react, but as you will see in the pictures, he was digging it!!! We were bummed that Emily and Alan weren't there, but we had a good time anyway.

The rest of the day was fun too. We rode lots of rides, ate popcorn and had a good time in general!!

Chip, Red(the bear) and Brady! ( I was REALLY surprised that Brady didn't mind that Chip grabbed Red)

Brady, Chip and Peyton

Chip, Red and Brady again

High fiving Pluto

Brady LOVED Pluto!!!

Brady, Pluto, Peyton and Billy

Minnie and Brady

Brady, Minnie and Peyton

Brady, Dale and Peyton

Mommy, Pluto and Brady

Brady blowing out the candle on the cake they brought out for him!

Brady with his cake!

Peyton on the carousel

Heather and Billy on the carousel

Brady on the carousel

Brady, Peyton and Heather on the tea cups....Brady LOVED them!!!!

Heather and Peyton on the teacups the second time

Even though I HATE the teacups, Brady got me to ride them with him!!! I LOVE that he had so much fun on the ride!!!

On the kiddie roller coaster

On the People Mover


Joe and Jane said...

Brady and Peyton are so cute together!! You can tell they're having a blast.

Shana said...

Even in my 30's I look forward to charachter breakfast's!! Brady looks so happy!