Friday, October 19, 2007


It must be Sunday since Brady's all decked out in his Bucs gear!! (Sharleen, I promise to get a picture of Brady in his Green Bay onesie this weekend!!)

Takin' a walk around the neighborhood and wearing the new hat "aunt Rhonda" sent!

Playing with his new Elmo toy...he really seems to like Elmo! (I haven't decided if that's a good or bad thing!) Elmo is singing, that's why he looks mesmerized.

Donny, this one's for you....!!


Shana said...

Beth, I was just catching up on your blog of you guys at home and in TW. Looks like Brady is doing great, although he is a BUCS fan :( Go Dolphins!! Really though he is just a pumpkin and I hope we get to meet him and you guys some day.
Program B
Waiting on Mia and Kyan

Jane said...

Beth and Alan What a gorgeous son, he looks great fun and so like his dad. I bet his grandparents are very happy too. Congratulations to you all wishing you lots of joy and happiness together
Love jane and Jim xx