Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to since we've been home.

Brady is SUCH a happy boy...he loves his "activity center" that "Uncle Scott and Aunt Dee" gave him!!

Helping Mommy cheer on the cute as he is, it didn't help...they lost! : (

Helping Daddy cheer for the was too late to wear the onesie, so he just had the cheese head...again, his cuteness didn't work for this game either! : (

He and Chelsea are trying to figure each other out!

Here he is playing with his other activity mat, which he loves too!!


HCB said...

Such a beautiful baby. And his parents are likewise beautiful. But I wonder - does he have a grandfather? It would be nice to see his grandfather. If he has one, that is.

Karen said...

Jodi forwarded me your blog. Many congratulation on the new addition to your family!! Wishing you the best! Karen (pamintuan) Luse

Rob & Karin said...

Oh, he is so precious! Congratulations!!!

Lorrie said...

Beth and Alan,

It's Lorrie "Jean". I check your blog every so often and hadn't checked in awhile. Something told me to check tonight. I'm so happy for the both of you!!! He is adorable! This is great it happened before the holidays!