Friday, October 19, 2007


Yesterday we took Brady to have his hair cut/trimmed just a little bit. He did really well and didn't cry or fuss...well, except when Gary held him too long, but I'd cry too!!! : ) (just kidding Gary!!) Brady even let Gary use the electric trimmer on him!! We've got one gem of a son!!!

Gary and Brady before the cutting began.

Brady and I getting ready for the big event. (please pay no attention to my hair as this is what it looks like when I wash it, don't dry it, and then go outside in the 100% humidity!! Lucky for me, Gary cut my hair when he was finished with Brady, so I'm all set now too!!)
Not sure what's got Brady's attention here, but he's still not minding the cutting, so we're good.
I think Brady has just realized what's been going on!!
Here's an "after shot". We forgot to take one yesterday at the salon, so this is from this morning. I've decided that he looks like he belongs in prison in this onesie, especially when you see the chain hanging from his pacifier ...looks like he's got a ball and chain attached to him!!

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