Saturday, October 6, 2007


Brady hangin out in the stroller before we went into the museum, which was really great, and I'm not a "museum person".

The family picture.

Alan, Brady and I with Mr. Yeh, our driver (on the left) and Ray, from Commonwealth.

Mr. Yeh with Brady. He is SO good with the babies and really helps out as much as he can.


amy said...

hello beautiful suan family!
I was just wondering what alan, a dear old friend might be up to and found you guys quite easily. I'd love for you to meet my family someday, I think we'd have a great time hanging out together. congratulations! what a sweet little boy.

amy (sorensen)

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Sharleen Biever said...

Great to see you all looking so happy as a family. Brady seems to be completely comfortable with you both. He looks like he will grow up to be a Green Bay kind of guy!!!
(Sorry Beth, couldn't resist)