Thursday, October 25, 2007


While Alan is out of town for work I have to do something to make the days go by, so taking out the camera is always fun because I swear, as soon as Brady sees the camera he goes straight into action!! Here's a few photo's from the other day.

I guess you can't read his shirt but it says, "My mommy's nuts about me" and has two squirrels on it!!
Chelsea's toy.....

now it's Brady's toy!! Poor Chelsea, everytime she starts playing with a toy Brady goes over to her and tries to get it from her. At this point I would say that Brady likes Chelsea, but Chelsea's still not sure about Brady!

1 comment:

Joyce said...

What a doll Brady is. I love his happiness. I know you are loving every minute of him being home.
Enjoy... I love the pictures.
So happy to see our kids finally get home where they belong.
Can't wait to see more.