Monday, April 7, 2008


Well, I thought it was about time to post about Brady's best friend, Mr. Bear!! Mr. Bear was originally a shower gift that had a gift card attached and for whatever reason he was the one stuffed animal Alan and I decided to take to Taiwan when we went to meet Brady. It was pretty much "love at first sight" for both Brady and Mr. Bear. Up until now though, Brady pretty much only hung out with Mr. Bear in his crib, but he has started wanting to take him out of his crib and have him with him all day, which is fine by me. Mr. Bear's left leg is a bit more "squished" than the right leg because Brady carries him around or holds onto him by the left leg just before he falls asleep. (I've watched this many times on the video monitor!). Mr. Bear is also in need of a bath at this point, but I'm afraid to "alter" him in any way for fear that Brady will notice and not like him as much. And I'm sure Mr. Bear has brain damage due to the numerous times he's been evicted from the crib!!! (another act I've witnessed from the baby monitor!) So, without further ado......MR. BEAR!!!

the result of one of his many "evictions". This is usually where I find Mr. Bear each morning!!

Brady giving Mr. Bear kisses!

This is how Mr. Bear travels through the airports, so that we don't lose him!

The "left leg hold"


Shana said...

Oh, poor Mr.Bear takes a beating and comes back for more everyday! That is a good friend!

Joe and Jane said...

Mr. Bear is still smiling despite all the grief he gets! What a guy!

Stefanie said...

Beth, my favorite picture is how world traveler Mr. Bear travels thru airports! Glad Brady has such a great pal who will put up with nightly evictions :-)