Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This Sunday, April 20th is my birthday and to my surprise Alan actually pulled off a birthday dinner for me that I knew NOTHING about!!! I thought I was going to Silverado with Alan, Brady and our friends Vivianne and Monica, BUT instead this is what happened:

MONICA: "why don't we go to that Peking place you keep talking about?"
BETH: "we need more people"
M: "I'll call my brother, he'll go"
B: "Okay, I'll call my brother too and see if he can go" (when I called my brother and asked if he could go, he was apparently already halfway there!!!)

So we pile in the car and head to Peking Gourmet after deciding we had enough people and after Alan placed a fake call to them asking about getting a table for 6....I guess it's a good thing I didn't walk into the kitchen when he was "calling"!!

Once we get to the restaurant and start following the lady to our table I realize we're getting a "special table" and I'm thinking, WOW, we're getting this for 6 people!!! (Alan's dad knows the owners so I just figured the Suan name got us some pull!!)

Lo and Behold, I walk past the partition and sitting at the table are my brother, Michael, Cassie and Paul and Mark and Margi and their two boys, Ty and Blake!!! To top off the night, they even brought in a Carvel ice cream cake just for me!!! THANK GUYS, you're awesome!!!
All of us after our DELICIOUS dinner!!!
Margi, Ty and Eeyore
Mark and Blake
Paul and Cassie wearing their "tiaras"!!!
Brady enjoying his peas, to my horror, as this is my one other hated food!!! (see previous banana post) He didn't each much, but boy did he chow down on the peas....YUCK!!!


Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday Beth! Looks like you had a wonderful surprise. How funny that Brady LOVES your 2 HATED foods - it's like he knows... ;-)

Shana said...

Happy B-day Beth! Carvel ice cream cakes are seriously the best!! I love the "dirt". What a nice surpise.

Tina said...

Yeah! Three cheers for Alan! What a wonderful way to start a new year and your new life in Virginia - Happy Birthday!!
Tina and LuLu