Saturday, April 19, 2008


One year ago today we were introduced to this cute smiling face. I can remember that day like it was yesterday...everything except for the time of the phone call!! (Dawn, do you remember??). I remember being at my desk at work and talking to "Big Joe" when my cell phone rang. I picked up my phone, saw who it was, managed to tell Joe I was putting him on hold and answered my cell phone, cool and calm of course!! : ) My caseworker proceded to tell me she had my referral and I looked around the office and no one was at their desk, so I walked to the back and found Dawn and started scribling notes on a piece of paper(that I still have, of course) while both of us started tearing up. Once I got off the phone I called Alan ( I did FINALLY pick up my work extension and to my surprise Joe was still there, so I told him what had just happened!!) and we both went to our computers to look at photo's, but for some reason Alan didn't have the email and after I waited the appropriate amount of time (in my eyes anyway) for it to appear in his inbox I decided to go ahead and open the pictures at work...with EVERYONE peering over my shoulder!!! I remember thinking that he was SO cute and that he and Alan had the EXACT same hair and that they really looked a lot alike. Then I remember not getting ANYTHING done for the rest of the day...can't remember if I went ahead and left work early or not. Our lives haven't been the same since, but we've gained SO much that it's unbelieveable. I love our little boy more than I thought was imaginable and I look forward to each new day with him. Brady at 2 1/2 months old

my scribbled notes about our referral


Chris said...

Sweet memories Beth-hard to believe what has happened in a year, but wow, does life fly by too fast!!
Hope you (and Brady) are settling in to the new house!

Katie said...

AWWWW cute! and happy birthday :-)

Massagem said...

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Stefanie said...

Beth, what a wonderful whirlwind of a year, huh?!?! I LOVE that you have the piece of paper you wrote all your notes down on - what a treasure! Brady just keeps getting cuter! :-)

Joe and Jane said...

I can't believe it has been a year!!! Wow! What a sweet memory.

Shana said...

Happy referral day guys! There is definetly no feeling like the feeling you get when you get "the call". What a year it had been, huh?