Sunday, December 9, 2007


It's hard to believe that we've been home just over 2 months already with Brady. Strangely enough, it really feels like he's always been here. He has adjusted SO much better than I was anticipating. And we really can't get over how good of a baby he really is. He really is always happy unless he's tired, hungry or hurt (can you blame him?). His little laugh just melts my heart every time I hear it. It's also such a great feeling when someone else is holding him and he looks for me and holds out his arms to come back to me. He's chattering away these days although we really haven't heard any "real" words to speak of. He's crawling pretty well now too, but he's much more interested in standing and he pulls himself up every chance he gets, so I'm guessing the walking is coming quicker than we expected. We're still working on his relationship with Chelsea...he likes her and gets excited when he sees her, but she's still not too sure about him, but I'm sure she'll come around. He's also totally fascinated by the cat, but she's living at my parents now, so he doesn't see her as much. She seems equally fascinated by him.

For those of you who don't know this yet, we are moving back to Virginia! This move has us both happy and sad. Sad because of ALL of the great friends we will leave behind, but happy because we already have lots of friends up there and most of them have kids under the age of 5, so really, the timing couldn't be any better. You all know that we don't mind getting on a plane so we'll be back to visit. Our house here is currently on the market but we haven't bought a house there yet. We did find one on our last trip up there, but we can't agree on a price with the sellers, so we're heading back up this week to look for something else. Of course, our door up there will always be open to anyone who wants to come for a visit.....and we EXPECT to see some of you!!! There's no time frame at the moment, but it will be sooner than later because the back and forth travel for Alan is getting old and EM is no longer paying for the flights either!!

Until the next update....( I will do my best to update a bit more often)

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Rob & Karin said...

That's great that Brady has adjusted so well. He always looks so happy, and has a GREAT smile (I especially love the open-mouth version!) We feel like Ryan has always been with us too.

Love the pictures in the tub seat -- great hairdo! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season and that the sale of your house and your move go smoothly!