Sunday, December 9, 2007


Brady really likes bath time now that we got this swivel seat thing. It's much easier for both of us this way and he has a lot more fun. He's got some nice hair, huh?

He LOVES to ride Grandma's "leg horse"!! He was laughing so hard, I just couldn't a good picture.
He really seemed to like playing in the grass....he was "helping" Grandpa put up the Christmas lights. There's something wrong about putting up Christmas lights and sweating, though!!!
Okay, so here's the story behind the pink and white.....Brady didn't have any clean bibs and my mom found this one that my aunt Nancy made for me some 30+ years ago!!! It's a hand towel that she converted by putting arm holes in it and it ties in the back and even has my initials on it!! Even though he still looks cute, I will only use this again when we're desperate!!!!

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