Saturday, December 29, 2007


We had so much fun watching Brady with all of his presents Christmas morning. He had a good time checking everything out and giving them a thorough examination. It really is amazing being around a child at Christmas!! (the following pictures are a bit out of order so I apologize for that)

Brady is wearing a hat and holding the Winnie the Pooh Pirate Mega Blocks that his Uncle Michael (Beth's brother) got him. He actually loved all of the hats and wore them MUCH longer than any of us expected him to. I guess that's a good thing since we're moving to the cold where he'll HAVE TO wear hats!!!

Here he is in the GIANT Tonka Dump Truck that Grandpa got for him. I don't really think he's supposed to be able to fit in it, but he did seem to like riding in it!!!

Brady's latest thing is that he starts to "conduct" whenever he hears's quite funny really, because we can be in the store and he'll hear music and he starts conducting!!! He's doing some of his best work here!!

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