Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Our trip to VA was successful because we found a house!! It's actually a house we saw when we were up there in early November and had been trying to reach a price agreement with the sellers ever since. They weren't coming down in price far enough so we went back up to try and find something else. Well, we couldn't so we got them down a bit farther and got a GREAT house at a great price!! We absolutely LOVE the house and as I told Alan it's a house that I can see us in for a very long time. It's got everything that we wanted and I really couldn't find anything wrong with it. It's got a great yard for Brady and Chelsea and a great deck and screened in gazebo for entertaining, and tons of room inside so we definitely expect some of you to come visit!!!


Shana said...

Beth, the house is gorgeous!! So un-Florida. You never see houses like that here. Congratulations! -Shana

Sharleen Biever said...

Iloved the Christmas card. Brady looks like he's older because of the intelligence I see in his eyes. Hope your move goes well. Looks like a great house to raise a family.
Have a happy holiday and a great New Year.