Sunday, December 9, 2007


We met up with our friends Rhonda and Sonny and their son Kyle in Orlando the weekend of November 16th. The plan was that the girls and Brady would go to the scrapbook convention on Saturday while the guys did whatever. Rhonda and I had a good time spending money and checking out the new products. We also discovered that Brady LOVES ice cream because the Skinny Cow people had a booth and were giving away free fudge bars and after I gave Brady a taste of mine he started "yelling" at anyone who had one in their hands!!! Pretty funny, really!

I think at this point Brady had had enough of the scrapbook convention. The shirt he has on is from my other scrapbook friend Tina, and it says; I grow up fast. Scrapbook.

When all else fails, give a kid a box and it's hours of fun......

especially when it's on "aunt" Rhonda's head!!

Here's a picture of all the boys hanging out watching tv!!
Brady with the ladies!

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