Saturday, December 29, 2007


During our visit to VA earlier this month we got the chance to spend some time with Alan's parents and his brother and sister in law and their two kids. We had two nice long visits with Gung Gung (Alan's Dad) and Po Po (Alan's Mom). We managed to get take out from 3 of their favorite restaurants too, so I was very lucky to get such good food all in one weekend!! This was also the first time Alan's brother, Eric met Brady as he was out of town the last time we were there! We had a good time hanging out with Preston and Ashley while Pam and Eric were out for the night with friends. Preston tried to teach us a thing or two about Madden Football on his XBox 360, but we were pretty pathetic so we decided a game of good old ping pong was more "our speed"!!! Even though it was a short visit is was a nice one!!

Brady better get used to getting all bundled up!!!

Opening presents with Aunt Pam and his cousin Ashley.

More presents!!!

With Daddy, Mommy and Po Po at Po Po's house in Maryland.

With Gung Gung and Po Po

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