Thursday, January 24, 2008


Okay, today while I was out running errands I got to thinking about one of my posts from last night. You know the one about the fact that Brady was "rocking out" to Neil Diamond and Pat Benetar....well, let me just add that we were at the mall in the food court when he heard the songs, we were NOT at home!!!! As one of my good friends pointed out, making Brady listen to Neil Diamond could be considered a form a child abuse, so I didn't want to be accused of that!!!! Just for the record, I don't own any Neil Diamond CD's!! Well, now that I got that straightened out I can go on with my day! : )

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Jane said...

Lovely to see Brady's progress and to see what a wonderfully happy, contented child he looks with a great smile.
Are you doing something special for his birthday?
Having asked that I must say every day looks special for you all.
Love Jane and Jim xx