Wednesday, January 23, 2008


On December 30th Brady got to go to his first Bucs tailgate party! Since bringing Brady home I've gone to all of the home games with a friend while Alan stayed home with Brady to get in some quality bonding time. My brother was in town for the holidays which meant my mom was giving her ticket to him so we had a babysitter!!! : ) SO, we all went to the tailgate and then grandma and Brady went back to our house to watch the game on tv. I think my mom and Brady were the smart ones because the Bucs sat most of the starters so it felt like we were at a pre season game!! (Lance this is the ONLY reason your Panthers won!!!)

Brady with "aunt" Donna
Hangin' with Grandpa
Getting into trouble with Grandpa and "uncle" Donny
Still hangin' with Grandpa!

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