Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Brady wasn't overly interested in the Bucs vs. Giants Playoff game, instead he was much more interested in playing with his toys, which is a good thing. The most "difficult" thing we've had to deal with since bringing Brady home is his need to ALWAYS be with one of us. I couldn't even get up to go into the kitchen even though he could see me the entire time. As soon as I got up he would start crying. If we weren't playing with his toys with him he wasn't interested in them either. But NOW, he is doing a great job of playing by himself and he doesn't get upset if I go into the kitchen....he will, however, come crawling after me, so I've had to barricade him in the family room!! I will say that having someone always with him during the holidays did set us back a bit, but now that everyone has gone home I think we're back on track.

He definitely likes his Little People farm, especially the animal sounds and the music it plays.

The animal puzzle is another favorite!

He hasn't figured out that when he sits on the puzzle it's harder to get the pieces in and out!!

He likes to take toys out of his toy if we could just get him to put them away, we'd be all set!!!

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