Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Even though Brady is already a US citizen we decided that we wanted to officially re-adopt him so that we could get a Florida birth certificate and legally change his name. We've talked about doing this pretty much since we got home, but of course we've just gotten around to filing.(we do already have a social security number for him but it's in his Chinese name until we legally change it) My dad is helping us with this, which is nice because I'm assuming that means we don't have to pay attorney's fees!!! : ) THANKS DAD!! Anyway, we've heard this is a pretty easy process and doesn't take very long so we're hoping to have our hearing in the next two weeks. In the long run, this will just make things easier for school registration and soccer sign ups when the time comes. On a side note, Brady, my parents and I went out to lunch after we finished signing all the papers and we happened to run into (almost literally) the judge that my dad was hoping would get our case, so he was able to give him a little heads up of the case!!! FATE???? Hmmmm.

Helping Grandpa with some important papers!!

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