Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Okay, so it's been entirely too long since my last post as evidenced by how many entries I have tonight!!! We've had a lot going on and it's only going to get crazier in the next few weeks!!!

A little bit about Brady now at 11 1/2 months old:
  • he is crawling like crazy and moves at a good clip!
  • He has finally discovered that there is more to the house than the family room and kitchen, which has proved to be interesting because I still have breakable things on low shelves!! Don't worry, I've made mental notes to put those things up high in the new house!
  • He LOVES to stand up and no longer needs a ledge to pull himself up...any flat surface, like the dishwasher will work!
  • He is not walking yet and I think we still have some time before this milestone hits, which is probably a good thing at this time.
  • He has 4 teeth now, two upper middle and two lower middle.
  • He has a bit of a temper so that's going to be fun to deal with in another year or two... as many of you know, Alan and I are both pretty stubborn so we probably deserve this!
  • He is getting more and more independent with each passing day
  • He seems to really LOVE music.....yesterday he was "rocking out" to Neil Diamond and Pat's really cute, he starts waving his arm to the beat of the music and sometimes he even sways back and forth
  • He will be getting his SECOND hair cut later this week....that boy's hair grows faster than Alan's, if that's possible
  • He understands the meaning of the word "clap" and will clap if you ask him to....he also follows the phrase "good job" with clapping!!! It's really pretty darn cute, if you ask me!!
  • He is eating pretty much any and all "real" food that we give him. He especially loves anything sweet.
  • Brady brings more and more joy into this house each day and I can't imagine not having him!!! A day does not pass that I don't smile and laugh AT LEAST once!!!

On to the moving news. We are closing on the new house Feb 12th, which is right around the corner. We still have not sold our house, but we can leave it on the market for a bit longer before we officially have to accept ExxonMobil's offer, which was a very fair one. It's beneficial for us to sell it though so we'll leave it on the market as long as we can. We're very fortunate to be able to fall back on the company buying it though. Alan will be attending the closing alone and then later in the week Brady, my mom and I will head to Virginia. Then, in true "Alan and Beth" fashion, Alan will be leaving the country 5 days after I get there!!! Lucky for me that my mom works for my dad and he's pretty lenient on her vacation time!! : ) My mom will stay with me for a good two weeks to help me unpack and see what else we can get accomplished. It'll be good to have her there because she doesn't let me slack off!! We've got a long list of things so we'll see just how much we can get done.

As I've said before, we surely are going to miss all of our friends here. It's especially hard to be leaving now since "parade season" is just getting under way. That being said, we are coming home for the St. Patty's parade and the Chasco parade and of course, we'll be coming home again for Change of Command so you're definitely not getting rid of us! The friends we have made through our Krewes really mean a lot to us...I mean how many people can say they have over 100 friends!!??? We're really looking forward to spending time with everyone at Gasparilla this weekend!

We've got a busy 2 weeks ahead of us but I will try and post again before we leave because I don't know how much time I'll have early on in Virginia....I'll have to ask my mom for permission to post!!! : )

Until next time.....

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