Wednesday, January 23, 2008


OH MY GOSH....this was SO funny. My parents, Alan, Alexander, Brady and I were all together to watch the Packer game (and yes, for ONCE I was actually rooting for them!!). Anyway, my mom left the family room to go somewhere in the house and on the way back she tossed this sock to Brady and he just went crazy laughing!!! So, she continued to do this and after awhile we were all laughing at him laughing that we were crying!!! I managed to get up and get these pictures, and they are some of the BEST pictures I have of him.....go figure. At least now I know what prop to use to get him to smile!!! Next time we do this we really need to get it on video so you can HEAR's PRICELESS!!

LOOK at that smile!!!
Could it possibly get any bigger.....

YES, it can!!!!

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