Monday, November 9, 2009

2nd Familiversary Part 1

Our 2nd Famliversary was October 1st and we spent the weekend in Miami! Alan had to go down for work so Brady and I tagged along so we we could all be together to celebrate our special day!! We started the morning off by going to a park with my great friend Rhonda. Brady seemed to love this park and seemed very intrigued by the white sand. He also spied a lizard which kept him entertained for quite some time!! When he finally got around to playing on the equipment he liked that too!!

Playing in the sand

Checking out the lizard...if you look really close, you can see him just to right of the screws in between the bottom 2 planks on the bench back...

where did he go?

there he is!!

Now where is he??

He kept trying to plant this branch!!! LOL

this was the steering wheel of his spaceship!!! LOL

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Joe and Jane said...

Congrats on the big day!! Fun times!! And it looks SO warm there!!