Friday, November 13, 2009

Cox F@arm

When my parents were here a few weekends ago we went to the pumpkin patch and we had a really nice time! We went on a Monday, which was just perfect and I think in the years to come Alan will be taking a day off from work so we can go during the week to avoid the huge crowds on the weekends!!! We went on a hayride, fed the goats, went down slides, ate apples and of course bought some kettle corn!! :-)

almost 3 ft. tall!!

this farmer guy is one of Brady's favorites..he is constantly talking about the hayride and this farmer who helped "pull" our tractor out of the mud!!

Brady LOVES all of the animals!!

he was so enamored with this white goat!!

he made sure the white goat ate his food!!

there were at least 3 different litters of pigs...all very cute!!

hanging out in the train in the tot area

he also LOVES getting his apple!! I think he had 2 this trip!!

Brady didn't want to go down any slides at first, but when I FINALLY got him to go down one, he didn't want to stop!!!

posing for a picture

with Grandma and Pop Pop

he was doing his pirate imitation here!!!(complete with the arrrrrrgh!)

Mommy and Brady


Proud Mama & Papa said...

Can Brady be Bella's boyfriend? He is so darn cute and looks like such a sweetheart!

Have a safe trip!!

Shana said...

Oh what fun! Glad Brady got to spend such quality time with you folks:)