Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 5-The "Famous" Scroll Guy

Our final stop on Day 5 was to head back to Snake Alley to have our scrolls made. Pretty much everyone from our Yahoo Group gets one of these scrolls and we have one for Brady so it was a "MUST DO" this trip!!!

I was originally hoping to get a gold scroll done for Emily as red and gold are good luck colors (and red does NOT go with her room colors), but he no longer carries gold ones...bummer! So I then decided on white, but he didn't have white in the usual small size, but he did have the bigger one, so we went ahead and got that for Emily. Like Brady's scroll, it says, "Love, Forever, Family, Yi-Han" and I think it turned out just perfect!!!

This time we also got a scroll for our front entry way and another one for a Christmas present!! As luck would have it, we had just enough, I mean just enough money for the 3 scrolls!! I think we spent a bit more money than we anticipated at the Jade Market and because we were leaving the next morning we didn't want to change any more money so we just went with what we had on hand. In our defense, we would have had a bit left over, but Emily's big scroll was more expensive!! ( I had a moment there, when I thought we were going to have to ask Mr. Yeh for a loan!! LOL)

working on Emily's scroll

the finished scroll!!

working on the "Christmas Present"

our scroll, which says "Happiness, Longevity, Family" with our family name "Suan". This is by far, one of my most favorite "souvenirs" that we've gotten in Taiwan!!

He made this fan for us, free!! Alan says that literally translated, it says, "Beth loves Alan Suan" LOL!!! Appropriate though!!


Debberoo said...

The scrolls are so beautiful! Alex is a marvel and I can't believe how much you packed into that trip!

Stefanie said...

I can't believe we didn't get a scroll for Eiley when we were there before! We are putting it on the *Must Do* list for next time :-) Emily is just lovely and we are sooooo happy for you guys. Can't wait to see pics of Brady and Emily together!!!

Shana said...

Our scroll is our favorite souvenier also! We FINALLy got it framed and it looks great! Love yours, they are gorgeous!