Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 5-Grand Hotel

Next up was a stop at the Grand Hotel, which is a sight to be seen!! The word is that this is "the" hotel in Taipei, which I'm sure it is. The lobby is just beautiful, so I'm curious what the rooms look like.....maybe next time!!? LOL

the ceiling in the lobby

WOW, this orchid was beautiful!!

just a pretty lantern

Me, Alex, Angel, Alan, Emily and Mr. Yeh


Debberoo said...

That orchid is breathtaking! Emily is so tiny, I forget how small babies are!

Joe and Jane said...

Beautiful! I do wonder if anyone actually stays in that hotel.

It kills me that Alex is wearing a Packers sweatshirt!

Shana said...

We missed going inside the Grand Hotel, cranky kids. I really do regret that! It is so beautiful in pics!