Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Flight!

Our flight from Dulles to Taiwan was very nice and uneventful!! I have to say that the United Business Class seats totally ROCK!!! I am SO SO happy that Alan had enough miles to get us these seats free!! The seats recline fully, so you actually get some good sleep. They have a good amount of movies and tv shows to watch....everything from H@rry Potter to T#p Chef, to kid shows and fun games too!!! I never even opened the book I brought!! This particular plane had the upstairs and downstairs and our seats were upstairs which was nice because there are lots fewer people so it's pretty quiet. Here's some pictures.

the cockpit and our friendly captain who gave us a nice note saying Congratulations!! :-)

you are facing people, which is a bit distracting, but not too bad.

here's our "home".....that ledge by the window is so nice, it gives you quite a bit of extra room. You actually put your carryon bags in the cubbies...very convenient!

me, playing games!!!

a view of my tv screen and a better view of what I meant by saying you face people

At last we made it to Taiwan!! We were greeted by Mr. Yeh, our driver, his son Alex and his grand daughter Angel!!!


Debberoo said...

Now that's the way to travel!

Shana said...

Way to travel!! I can totally picture you waking up in the morning and looking at the person facing you and saying "Good morning", lol!!

Robin said...

Very cool plane! How exciting that you are finaly in Taiwan. Say a big hello to Mr. Yeh and Alex from me.

Proud Mama & Papa said...

Facing people - that is a little odd - probably harder to fall asleep. It looks like you had a good time even on the plane. Do they have that kind of fun stuff in coach?