Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pumpkin Smashing!

Last weekend we went back to Cox F@rms for their annual pumpkin smashing with my brother and our good friends Mark, Margi and their boys, Ty and Blake!! The weekend after Halloween each year, the farm lets you bring your old pumpkins in and you can either have it dropped from a crane, catapulted over a lake or crushed by a front loader!!! It's really a clever idea and the kids seemed to love it!! We could not have a picked a better day, weather wise so that was definitely and extra bonus for us!!!

pumpkin away!!!


A much better view of the dropping


Brady, Ty and Blake on the "big chairs"

on the hayride, which he LOVES!!!

Mark and Ty on the hayride

this is on the hayride, going through the barn...Brady doesn't like it until the music starts playing at the end, then he totally starts's really quite funny how he changes gears so quickly!!

Alan and Brady on the slide

This one cracks me up!!! This slide was particularly slippery because Brady landed on his butt and got up and starting rubbing it!!! LOL

Alan and Brady on the "dinosaur" slide

What a cute little farmer he is!!! :-)

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Shana said...

What a blast and a great idea!! My kids would LOVE that!