Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 2-Night Market and Snake Alley

We went to the Night Market with Mr. Yeh, Alex and Angel and had a really great time! They made sure we tried lots of food, including the stinky tofu!!!! (well, Alan tried it, I didn't!!). The Night Market is basically a street lined with food and shopping vendors and also game areas, like at a carnival. Because the weather has been so crummy, there weren't many vendors out, but we still had a fun time!!

After the Night Market we went to Snake Alley. I don't have any pictures of Snake Alley as most of the interesting place don't allow cameras. It gets it name from long ago when snakes were prevalent, but now there are only a handful of stalls with snakes. We were hoping to have a scroll made for Emily like we did for Brady, but the scroll wasn't there!!!! Mr. Yeh says he will take us back before we leave. We did get a few really cute outfits for both Brady and Emily though!!

First up, was scallion pancakes (congyun bing). They were SO good!!!

this is a picture of the press for the scallion pancakes...they start in the shape of a ball and then she uses the press to flatten them out before frying them.

a bowl of the infamous stinky tofu!!

down it goes!!! Alan ate about 1/2 the bowl and then shared the rest with Alex and Angel

steamed pork buns!! These were very yummy!!!

That's Mr. Yeh in the white jacket putting the sauce in the bun

I think this is the stinky tofu place

This was some sort of stew like thing, with lots of different vegetables and a pork ball. Alan ate most of this, but I did try a little, and it was okay!

The chicken that Mr. Yeh insisted Alan try!!!

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