Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 5-Lunch, Yamingshan National Park and the Jade Market

As you can see from all of these "Day 5" posts, we were very busy on our last day!!! It was already going to be a packed day, but once we decided we were leaving 2 days early, we had to squeeze a few things into the schedule!!!

We stopped at this little hole in the wall place for lunch for "cat's ear" soup!!! I was a little worried when Mr. Yeh, Angel and Alex were first talking about it but then I found out the "cat's ear" is just a noodle in the shape of a cats ear!!! SHOOOOO!!!! The soup was very very good!!

Mr. Yeh holding Emily so Alan and I could eat

the cats ear noodle

Angel and me enjoying our soup

Alex finished first, so he took Emily outside....he is SO good with babies, especially for a teenage boy!!

Next we went to Yamingshan National Park. This place was so so pretty and we had awful weather so I can only imagine how it must look in the Spring!! (So, those of you who will be traveling in the Spring make this a MUST SEE!!!)

I have no idea if there is a "story" behind this giant clock, but it sure is cool!!

a food cart in the park...Alex bought himself stinky tofu and a tea egg.

we also did a quick drive by of the springs

We then made a stop at the Jade Market, which was a lot of fun. I do find the whole place a bit intimidating, but it's still fun. We managed to find some cool gifts for us, the kids and friends and family so it was a productive excursion!!

these are pictures of Alex stringing a kids sized bracelet for us!!! The booth owner only had one and I needed two, so Alex got to work!!! ( I have no idea if he knew this woman or not!!LOL)

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