Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 1-Morning Sightseeing

This morning we headed out after breakfast to check out the surrounding area of the hotel and most importantly we wanted to make sure we could get to AIT as we plan to walk there Friday morning for our appointment. I'm happy to report that it's probably no more than a 15 minute walk!! Once we had that "chore" out of the way, we went to the Post Office and picked up some cool Taiwan stamps. Then we set out to a find a little food place that Alan found online that makes "the best" scallion pancakes (congyou bing) in Taipei, which we found and plan to visit later so we can try them!! Then we happened to stumble across a cool little store that sold everything from pens to cards to transformers to puzzles. We bought a few things here for the kids and plan to go back to get a few more things we realized we should have picked up but didn't. Then we stopped by a tea house we found the last time we were here to buy some tea for some friends and FINALLY it was time for lunch at Din Tai Fung!!! :-) That will have it's own separate post!!!

the above picture is of the scallion pancake place and the picture below is the actual pancankes!!

the tea house/store

mopeds, there are so, so many mopeds here!!

a beautiful orchid we saw in the window of an art gallery!!

this is a picture of the Jade/Flower market....during the week it's just a parking lot, but on the weekends it totally transforms itself!!! I'll get a picture of the actual market this weekend!


Dunns said...

Hi Beth,

This is so exciting to follow your journey to Taiwan... i love that place, we cannot wait to return with our little one in tow! I was just wondering where you were staying at, we stayed at Fullon Hotel across the Flower market, and about 15 min walk to AIT, and a block to Daan Park, and another 15 min walk to dumpling restaurant...I can't wait to see your little one in your arms!!!


Debberoo said...

What did you think of the pancakes, were they yummy? We bought stamps too, so pretty. I'm loving following along you guys are really covering the ground. So much fun!

mlynne said...

Beth- WOW you all are organized - I am taking notes this week for sure. So glad to hear you all arrived safe and sound and are out and about. Jet Lag? The stamps are a great idea!!! In my notes. Oh, that store w/ the transformers, puzzles etc. will need to get the directions from you to it once you are back or before we go - someday. Will love following your journey this week. Have fun!!!
Michelle (lynne)

Robin said...

You guys are good. Did you visit all these places the first time too? You are making me want to go back. How where the pancakes? It is so muh fun waking up in the morning and checking your blog.

Robin said...

Tomorrow is the big day. I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see Emily in your arms!!!

Gladney Taiwan Team said...

I love all the posts and cannot wait to hear how today goes! Best wishes new family! Enjoy the rest of your journey!