Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 2-MRT to the Handicraft Market

On Wednesday morning we decided to take the MRT to the Handicraft Center. We were very happy that the MRT was quite easy to navigate. Funny enough the hardest part was figuring out that we didn't get a "ticket" to ride, instead it was a token!! LOL The ride from the MRT station at SOGO to the Handicraft Center was on 20NT, which is like 65 cents!!! So the round trip total for both of us was $2.60!!! Can't beat that!! We had fun shopping at the Handicraft Center and spent most of our time and money in the basement. We bought shirts that ranged from $5 to $11, scrolls that were $1.61 each, a super cute barrette for Emily and some other gifts!! (Joyce, we got your shirts!!). Once we were done there we took the MRT back to the SOGO and checked things out there for a bit before having lunch at, yep, you guessed it, Din Tai Fung!! LOL. Three of our first 5 meals were at there!!! After lunch we came back to the hotel and rested before Mr. Yeh picked us up at 7pm to take us to the Night Market and Snake Alley!

inside the MRT

the entrance to the Handicraft Center

this DD is inside the MRT, and I took this mostly for my friend Steve who is a bit of a DD addict!!! :-)


Debberoo said...

You are a wise woman, it is impossible to have to many meals at Din Tai Fung!

heaven said...

but did you get the coffee from DD? lol :) So glad you are having a great time & can't wait to see Emily!!

Katie said...

Don't feel bad, we had the same problem with the tickets vs. tokens at the MRT.